Instrument Repair

Stringed instruments

I can do all repairs and modification to guitars, basses and other stringed, fretted instruments. I am a Martin, Gibson, Fender, Fishman and Graph Tech authorized luthier with 20 years experience and, at one point, was doing all the warrantee repair work for those brands in South Africa.

I am a leading authority on all things to do with electric guitar, with an emphasis on modern guitar technologies, such as: magnetic, piezoelectric and hexaphonic pickup systems; guitar electronics and wiring; guitar, amp and effect modelling; MIDIguitar and guitar synthesis.

I am well-versed in finish and associated technologies, specializing in, but not limited to, oil and nitrocellulose lacquer, analine dyes and stains.

I occasionally custom build my take on high-end classic S-style and T-style electric guitars.

Other Instruments

  • Drums and percussion – rebuilding and modifying classic drum kits, reskinning congas & bongos, etc.
  • Wood repairs – cracks and breaks in any instrument made of wood. Refinishing and finish touch-ups.
  • Servicing and small repairs to musical electronics – amplifiers, synthesizers, electronic drums, effects.
  • Cables – I build high quality cables of all types (TS, TRS, XLR, snakes).