Live Music

Any form of music for your venue, function or event:

  • live covers – classic rock, pop, reggae, ska, light jazz, country, folk
  • live original music (rock/pop/ska/humorous)
  • If your needs are more for prerecorded music of any style, I can DJ
  • mix of live and recorded music for longer events

Guaranteed with every show:

  • Full band sound without backing tracks (or loopers)
  • Great performance
  • High level of musicianship
  • Visual interest/appeal
  • High quality sound and neat setup
  • Volume levels suited to the situation and venue
  • Professionalism


The following tracks are recorded Directly from the desk. This is what I actually sound like live:

Answers to FAQ (frequently asked questions):

  • Yes, I am playing all the sounds you hear. Amazing, innit?
  • No, there are no backing tracks, or “MIDIs” or any recording or looping. It’s all done live.
  • Yes, my feet are playing the drums.
  • The bass and synth sounds are coming from the guitar (strangely enough, the guitar sounds too!).
    • My right thumb is playing the bass sounds on the lower strings.
    • My right hand fingers play the guitar synth sounds on the treble strings.
  • Vocal harmonies are from a clever device (I suspect more intelligent than me) that figures out what I’m playing on the guitar and twists my voice to follow in realtime.
  • No, it’s not “cheating”. I’m still singing as well as playing the bass, drum and guitar parts simultaneously. The tech is just a tool to make the sounds more appropriate to each song and fill in the sonic holes.
  • Yes, it takes a lot of patch editing: of every sound for each. and. every. single. song.
  • Yes, I know what all the knobs and buttons do.
  • Yes, it took a long time to learn. In my case, three years full-time study, followed by 35+ years of experience.
  • Yes, This all means I’m very busy and can’t really chat about this stuff during performance. However I’m always up for tech talk during breaks and tear-down.

More information:

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