Recording Services

I am a fully-trained recording engineer with 30+ years of experience.

Project recording studio

I have my own project recording studio at home. Ideally suited for the singer-songwriter or small ensemble. High quality equipment and lots of experience.
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Session Musician

I am available to work as a session guitarist. As part of my recording services, I also offer bass, drums, guitar synthesizer and orchestration skills.
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Drum programming

For those solo artists without a drummer or percussionist, I can create professional sounding, natural feeling drum tracks for your songs. These can also be supplied to you as backing tracks for live performance.
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For those artists willing to take a little direction, I can help produce, arrange and orchestrate your music to help elevate it to a higher level.
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If you have recorded your songs yourself, but want it mixed to a professional level or from a more objective viewpoint, I can mix your music for you. Using my knowledge and experience as well as a full house of professional level software, I can mix your tracks and help take them to the next level.
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