Project Studio

Discussing recording with Roger Lucey

Ideal for solo artists or small ensembles, I have a modest project studio available for hire. The studio comprises a single, large room with high ceilings and good acoustics.

The heart of the studio is a Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 audio interface and a selection of good quality mics. An Avid Eleven Rack is used to DI electric guitars and basses.

Unfortunately, tracking an acoustic drum kit is not currently possible, but I do have all the facilities and skills to quickly program high quality drum and percussion tracks.


Sonar X3 is my DAW of choice (I have been using Cakewalk since DOS days, so know it intimately). For effects I mostly use the Waves 9 suite, coupled with Lexicon Native reverbs. For software synthesis, I use Native Instruments Komplete 9 with a large number of add-on sample sets for Kontakt.

Software synths

  • Sampling
    • Native Instruments Kontakt
  • Electric Pianos
    • Applied Acoustics Lounge Lizard
    • Native Instruments Alicia’s Keys
  • Synthesizers
    • Korg Legacy Collection
    • Spectrasonics Omnisphere
    • Native Instruments FM8
    • Native instruments Absynth
    • Native Instruments Pro 53
  • Mellotron
    • G-Force M-Tron
  • Electric Organ
    • Native Instruments B4
  • Ethnic
    • Sound Burst Ethnosphere
    • Swar Systems Swarplug
  • Drums
    • Toontrak EZDrummer 2
  • Bass
    • Bournemark Broomstick Bass

Kontakt sample sets

  • Pianos
    • Steinway B grand piano
    • Steinway C piano
    • Steinway D piano
    • Yamaha Grand piano
    • Bosendorfer 190 piano
    • Bosendorfer 270 piano
    • Estonia Grand piano
    • Sampletekk White Grand piano
    • Native Instruments Berlin Concert
    • Native Instruments New York Concert
    • Native instruments The Giant
    • Native instruments Vienna Concert
    • Native instruments Upright Piano
  • Harpsichords
    • Post Harpsichord
    • Altema’s Harpsichord
  • Orchestral
    • Big Fish Advanced Orchestra
    • Big Fish London Solo Strings
    • EW QL Symphonic Orchestra Gold Pro
    • Garritan Personal Orchestra
    • Vienna Symphonic Solo Cello
    • Vienna Symphonic String ensemble
    • Native Instruments Action Strings
    • Native Instruments Session Strings
    • Native Instruments Session Horns
  • Other
    • Peter Ewers Symphonic Organ
    • Tone Hammer Tabla
    • Voices Of The Apocalypse 2 (Choral)
    • Native Instruments Balinese Gamelan